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The Mercedes-Benz plant organized a month in the spirit of health: colleagues of the company – male and female – participated in various screening tests, free of charge, on a medical bus on the site of the plant for the purpose of prevention of certain illnesses that are widespread in the population of Hungary. Like in the previous years, doctors in the medical bus carried out urology and lung tests and also screening for prostate, cervical, ovary, intestine and skin cancer. 824 employees took part in the screening examinations. A number of the male employees’ community joined the “Save the Man” Movement (=No-Shave November) and grew mustaches, calling awareness for the importance of prostate cancer prevention. Female workers wore badges with a mustache. The Save the Man Movement gave the title “Institute Supporting Men Health” to the car manufacturing factory. The owner of the nicest mustache was Attila Gál, who has the rank of “Mustache King” for a year. The company offered a HUF 1,5 million donation for the Save the Man Movement for further prevention campaign in the future.

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