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The first graduate students of the industrial foremen training program, which is unique in Hungary, received their diplomas in Kecskemét. The gap-filling program is special because it created a training category that did not exist before in Hungary. The training organized together with the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry – as a closure of the first cycle – ended with fifteen experts of the Mercedes-Benz plant passing their exams and receiving their German-Hungarian diplomas that certify their qualification. In the course of the five-year training project, a total of 180 experts from various factory parts of the Mercedes-Benz plant can take part in training in several groups each year. This program contributes to highly educated and prepared foremen working in every area of production, and allows them to be able to do faster and more effective problem-solving. With the help of the training, participants receive theoretic knowledge that they can use in practice very well and help them in their everyday work, but the experience gained in the course helps them expand their manager’s skills as well to a great extent.

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