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Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz Hungary Ltd. held a joint press conference on May 14th, 2018 at the Várkert Bazár in Budapest, where the business results of the year 2017 were presented as well. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. managing director Mr. Christian Wolff and finance director Mr. Josip Niksic told the press that the Kecskemét plant’s production volume significantly exceeded 190,000 cars in the 2017 business year. The company achieved a net income of over 3,5 billion EUR. They also informed the press of that in 2017 preparations for the second plant in Kecskemét began, where the first cars will roll off the line at the end of the decade and they also spoke of the new training center of Mercedes-Benz, which will begin its operation in September, 2018.

Mercedes-Benz Hungary Ltd. managing director Mr. Jörg Schmidt said that the company Mercedes-Benz Hungary Ltd. also had a remarkably successful year in 2017: with its nearly 101 billion HUF turnover they achieved a 26% increase compared to the year 2016. After the year 2017 Mercedes-Benz continues to be a market-leading brand in Hungary in the first quarter of 2018 in the premium passenger car segment. At the press conference managers of the companies gave over the first new A-Class made in Kecskemét to Mrs. Éva Szabóné Kis, representative of the Foundation for Families in Kecskemét.