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The 1.000.000th compact car, proud to be wearing the label „Made in Kecskemét” rolled off the assembly line. The order for the beautiful white AMG-line car was placed at an Italian dealership and the car traveled all the way from Bács-Kiskun County to its new owner to Tuscany. At the same time with this production milestone the model Mercedes-Benz CLA model won the long-term reliability certification prize by J.D. Power 2018 Germany VDS in the middle category passenger cars. In the history of the prize it was the first time that a car manufactured in Hungary got acknowledged by German customers as the most reliable on the long term. J.D. Power was established in 1968 in California and it became renowned from the 1970s by their independent car trade analyses and customer review evaluations. The key the company’s success is the top quality that the coworkers at the Mercedes-Benz plant achieve in Kecskemét and it makes its products always worthy of its customers’ trust.

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